Past Events

2015 Events

February, 2015
  • St. John Bosco (Brockville, On) Marriage Preparation
March, 2015
  • Introduction to Theology of the Body Course
May, 2015
  • Christian Book Sale

2014 Events

January, 2014

  • St. Joseph's Parish Youth Group "Created for Love" Seminar

February, 2014

  • "The Authentic Catholic Woman" Book Study

March, 2014

  • St. John Bosco (Brockville, On) Marriage Preparation
  • "Theology of the Body for Every Body" Book Study
  • RCIA Presentations

April, 2014

  • St. Maurice (Ottawa, On) Marriage Preparation
  • Theology of the Body Tuesdays (April-December)

May, 2014

  • God and Our Bodies: How am I created for Love? (Grade 6-8)

August, 2014

  • Used Christian Book and Art Sale

October, 2014

  • 2nd Annual "Healthy and Faithful" Workshop

November, 2014

  • The Giver: A Movie and Discussion

2013 Events

February, 2013

  • St. John Bosco (Brockville, On) Marriage Preparation

July, 2013

  • The Gospel of Life: An Evening of Reflection on True Love

October, 2013

  • Catholic Woman's League Presentations
  • 1st Annual "Healthy and Faithful" Workship
  • "Theology of the Warm Bodies" A Movie and Discussion

November, 2013

  • "Freedom to Love" Course for University Students

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