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Christ and the Church... and SYTYCD

So, for those who don't know, I am a bit obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. As my love and obsession with Theology of the Body has grown so has my love and obsession for SYTYCD! At least once an episode my whole being is touched by a routine. My heart starts to sign out prayers of longing and delight to God and I won't be able to contain this sensation within me so I 'woot,' 'sigh,' 'grunt,' and sometimes even jiggle. My digestive track will start to dance along with the routine. This is not unlike the reaction I get whenever I read the Theology of the Body.

Last night SYTYCD really kicked it off with the first routines for the top 20. I, however, don't have television and I was busy all day tonight doing the "duty of the moment" which happened to be driving 3 hours to a doctor's appointment. But as I was driving home, getting closer and closer to the moment when I could sit down and watch this show online (really, pray with this show), I was getting more and more excited.

Now, I need to say something to clarify my obsession with SYTYCD. First, I know nothing about dance! But my heart connects with the beauty! Second, just as there are wonderful moments of grace and beauty on this show, there are moments where prudence dictates that I skip over. For example, last nights music number dedicated to the "Wiggle" of a woman's tush. (Jason Derulo, I actually really liked  you as a judge, which is the only contact I have ever had with you, until you 'sang' that horrible song 'Wiggle.' There is not much good I can say about your performance AT ALL. But you were a great guest judge and you definitely allowed yourself to be touched by the shows beauty. Now if only you could create beautiful music!) This show is very much a reflection of where we are as a culture. Routines and musically numbers can be a sad reminder of that; many times focusing on fostering lust in the audience. However, all is not lost. There is incredible beauty here as well. I told G-Man tonight prior to me turning the show on that sometimes I feel like the Holy Spirit is so alive in the routines and the dancers. G-Man, in true G-Man fashion, basically said, "Well DUH!" He is so much wiser then I am! He just 'gets' things that it has taken me 10 seasons to verbalize! G-Man does not, however, watch the show with me. I do show him the routines that really touch me though. He, then, says something else profound, like "I'm glad you like it..."

Ok, onto the theme of this post.  Christ and the Church..... And SYTYCD. There were many BEAUTIFUL routines last night but one definitely stood out. This routine jumped out to me first as a reflection of Adam and Eve meeting and then as I watched and re-watched I started reflecting on Christ and his love and loyalty to His Bride, the Church. And once that thought entered my mind, it was the centre of my prayer with the dance afterwards!

Watch the routine yourself and see what you think. I was struck by how Ricky (the male dancer who I thought reflected Christ) seemed to carry, guard and come out to meet Jessica (the female dancer who, for me, reflects the Church). And Jessica has so much longing for Ricky; she is moved by his every touch, every inspiration.

Other things that I noticed:
1) At the very beginning Ricky breathes on her... ...
2) Jessica seems so OPEN to Ricky, hands open to receive anything and everything from him.
3) The beautiful harmony of the two of them together!
4) There are many moments that Ricky is so EXTENDED, it reminders me of the lengths that Christ goes to reach us, even death on a cross, stretching his arms out!
5) How strong Jessica seems BECAUSE of Ricky.
6) There is a mutual respect and submission there also. Ricky is placed at Jessica's feet many times. And then raised up because of it.
7) And don't even get me started on near the end when Jessica is resting on Ricky's back and he is walking her into the light. Just look at Jessica's face when the light reaches her. PLUS, they are making the shape of a cross! THEN She falls to the floor (death?) and He pulls her off of it, lifting her up (resurrection?)!
8) Afterward both dancers seem completely overcome by what has happened to them and they are dazzled by it!
9) The judges remarks are definitely worth listening too. Everyone seems so struck by the "other-worldliness" of the routine! This IS the body speaking about theology. And everyone is overcome by the beauty!
10) I love that the choreographer, Sonya Tayeh, just by being open to beauty, received a bit of the Holy Spirit's inspiration and we all got to witness it!

Please re-watch this because, seriously the more I watch it, the deeper my hearts prayer (or longing) cries out to God.

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